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prime fastener's Mission Statement

To maintain existing client relationships and forge new ones with integrity by supplying quality products and services at the right time, at the right place and at the right price.

prime fastener's Terms of Engagement

In all our business dealings, we undertake to ...

  • .. to conduct our professional dealings with honesty, integrity and within the high ethical and moral standards that we have set for ourselves.

  • ... to comply with the ethical, moral and legal requirements of the laws of our country and those of our business partners.

  • ... to make a meaningful contribution to the upliftment of our community by investing resources into worthy projects and individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves.

  • ...to adhere and add value to the employment standards as laid out in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act by respecting the constitiutional and human rights of all our employees.

  • ... to ensure that our employees receive fair and equitable remuneration and benefits for their services.

  • ... to ensure the safety of all our employees by providing them with machinery that has been specially adapted with their health and safety as a priority consideration.

  • ...to distance and disassociate ourselves from any supplier or other party who benefits from or makes use of child labour practises.

  • ... to distance and disassociate ourselves from any supplier or other party who practises corporal punishment on their employees.

  • ...to eradicate and eliminate any and all unfair discriminiation in the workplace.

  • ...to actively promote the upliftment of previously disadvantaged people by complying with the Employment Equity laws and requirements of our country.

  • ...to positively contribute to the development, motivation and success of all our stakeholders by putting in place systems that are designed to develop our employees to their full potential.