Our History

Committed to Excellence

If this site is your first introduction to prime fastener – Welcome. Whilst it outlines the many good reasons why you should consider doing business with us, it has been left to me to simply state what sets us apart as a company.

Frankly, I think this starts with our underlying philosophy and approach towards our customers.

Whilst we welcome your immediate business, it is not this that drives us. It is more the sense that we have in you a potential customer for life. Not just now, today, but in 5 years’ time.

It is prime fastener’s “lifetime customer” philosophy that I believe sets us apart as a company and determines everything we do in “building a great company”.

Because we accept that our relationship with our customers is long haul, then it follows that our fundamental approach to business with you should reflect this. More than anything else, you’ll find this in the quality and speed of our after-sales service.

This is supported by our preoccupation as a company with technical training to our staff as well as our customers, insisting as we do, that all employees submit to regular product updating sessions of the highest caliber training determined by our world-leading suppliers.

The simple truth is that our customers can ill afford downtime due to machinery or product defects. We are therefore highly conscious of the fact that your attitude to us long-term is determined by our ability and determination never to let you down, day in and day out, year in and year out.

Now I’m not saying that we are infallible – by no means. What I am saying, is that whatever prime fastener branch you are dealing with, you have the full support of a large and experienced infrastructure, together with the technical expertise of our international world-leading suppliers. This means that if by chance the frontline does let you down, you do have recourse and a fallback position.

So, if for some reason you cannot resolve an issue, don’t hesitate to call me personally. Yes, I think I can state with absolute confidence that if you decide to deal with us, you won’t be disappointed.